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Where Can You Download Unreal Engine Assets For Free

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

If your developing a game your probably going to need some game assets although it can be quite expensive and time consuming to make these. Whilst you can pay for assets if your a indie developer you may have a limited budget.


Where to find free game assets

That's why in this article I have compiled a list of the top 6 sites where you can download free game assets which will save you time and money.

Quick note about Licensing. When using free game assets. It's important to make sure you have the legal right to use the content your downloading for commercial purposes. Some game assets allow you to use them without crediting author. Some game assets may say that you must include the creators credits or you can't modify the work your using.

I have attached an image below about the most creative common licences that you will see on assets

Creative common licences

Table Of Contents

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Unreal Engine Marketplace Free Monthly Assets

The Unreal Engine Marketplace offers a mix of FREE and premium assets. Whilst most of the content on this website is Premium. On the first Tuesday of every month Unreal Engine gives away a selection of premium assets for free for 30 days so make sure you claim your free assets every month as they are only available for those 30 days.

As well as giving away Free Assets every month for 30 days. The Unreal Engine Marketplace also has a permanently free collection every month they add more assets to this collection and this collections is just a list of assets which will remain free forever.

Open Game Art

The next website is OpenGameArt. This website contains a whole range of different assets from, sound effects, 3d models to textures. It contains work from both hobby artist and professionals and the best part about this website is the licences of the assets on this website are made for creative commons, many of them have no restrictions and are and are under public domain so you can modify and use the work however you want. free assets

A lot of people know as website to download indie games although is another marketplace which offers premium and free assets.

A drawback of if your an Unreal Engine user is that this website is helpful if your designing a 2D Pixel art game as it has tons of high quality pixel, it does not have many 3D game assets.



There use to be a website called Google Poly. On the site you could download thousands of free low poly assets although as Google does they shutdown this project.

That's where Poly Pizza game came in it is an online web platform that makes it easy to find, view and download free 3D models for use across games, AR/VR and web. The site has over 7000 hand picked creative commons and public domain models all in a low poly style so models will fit right into low poly projects


sketchfab free assets

Sketchfab is a 3D modelling platform website with both premium and free assets the great thing about this website is that it allows you view 3D models on the web and works with browser, vr as well as viewing models in 3D you can see a lot of information about the model you want to download such as the amount of triangles and vertices a model has and it has many different viewing modes it has one mode where you can inspect and view all the polygons of model so you can get a good idea of the models topology.



This website provides you with tools for 3D Character animations. It has this auto rigging software which will rig your model and it has a library of free animations you can use and download for your character.

It would be great if they updated the website as it bean years and it's exactly the same although its pretty good resource for getting high quality animations for your games.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Assets

  • Free assets are FREE and can save game development time

  • It's hard to rely on free asset pack for your whole game. Art will often have to be tweaked to make it fit the style of your game.

  • Free assets may not be to the same quality as paid assets

  • There can be a stigma to using free assets some people may say its unprofessional


Now you should know where you can download a bunch of free assets for your game projects.

Once you have a bunch of assets for your game if you want to create cool games with your assets in Unreal Engine check how you can create games here.

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