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How to take High Resolution Screenshots in Unreal Engine 5? (Step-by-step guide)

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Capturing high-resolution screenshots in Unreal Engine is a simple process and it’s incredibly essential for showcasing the beauty of your game or scene. Whether it’s for marketing materials, 3-d assets or specific scenes, mastering this process allows you to present your work in the best possible way. In this article, we'll explore the steps to effortlessly take high-quality screenshots that capture every detail of your Unreal Engine creations. There are several ways to take high-res screenshots in Unreal Engine so without further ado lets gets started.


high resolution screenschot unreal engine

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Open the desired Level/Scene

First, launch Unreal Engine and open the level or scene that you want to capture in high resolution.

Step 2: Set the Viewport Angle

Next, position your viewport in such a way that the desired location is captured sensationally.

Step 3: Take the High-Resolution Screenshot

Now that everything’s set up, time to take the screenshots. To take a high-res screenshot, you can either press “F9 key” or use the “Viewport settings" to access the High-Resolution screenshot settings.

high res screenshot unreal engine

In the settings, there is an option named “Screenshot Size Multiplier” which is another setting that can be used to increase the overall resolution and quality of the output image. However, using this setting is hardware intensive so use it responsibly to ensure the most balance between quality and quantity.

high res screenshot settings unreal engine


After everything is done take the screenshot by pressing F9 key and check it out in Unreal Engine’s default saving folder. Congratulations! You have initiated a professional approach to showcasing your scenes or assets, keep on experimenting with all the settings to get even more better at it.

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