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How To Package Your Game In Unreal Engine 5 - What You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 2

This article will show all the crucial steps that are required to package a project ensuring that it's polished, functional, and ready for distribution across a variety of platforms for the users to enjoys. So, without further ado let’s get started.


how to package your game unreal engine 5

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Opening the Project Settings

  • Before packaging the project, there are a few settings that need to be configured in the packaging settings.

  • To go to the packaging settings, click the "Platforms" button on the top bar and then go to the packaging settings.

package settings unreal engine

  • Here, under the "Project" tab most of the settings will be tweaked.

project settings unreal engine

Step 2: Configuring the Packaging Section

  • Under the "Project" tab there will be a "Packaging" section. Click on it to open its settings.

packaging unreal engine 5

  • After its opened, you need to change the "Build Configuration" setting.

  • Click on it and change the setting from "Development" to "Shipping".

  • Also make sure to check the "Full Build" setting. This will build the project again which is beneficial for the end product.

  • The "Build Target" setting that will determine where the packaged product will be stored. You can change it if necessary.

build settings unreal engine 5

Step 3: Configuring the Map & Modes Section

  • Now, the next step is to arrange the "Map" settings under the Project tab. This is used to start the game in a specific map such as a main menu when the player launches the game.

  • To do this simply click on the "Game Default Map" tab and change the level to anything you want. In this case i will simply use the ThirdPersonMap but it can be anything such as MainMenu level.

maps and modes unreal engine 5

Step 4: Configuring the Windows Section

  • Next step is to change some settings in the "Windows" section under the "Platforms" tab.

windows setting unreal engine 5

  • These settings will decide the splash screen and the icon of the game.

  • To change them, click the three dots to the right side of them and select the desired picture from the computer.

splash screen unreal engine 5

Step 5: Packaging the Project

  • After all the settings have been properly changed, its time to start packging the project.

  • To do this go back to the viewport and select the "Platforms" section again.

  • Here, go to the "Windows" tab and then make sure "Shipping" is selected.

  • After that, you can click on the "Package Project" button and select a folder where you want your project to be.

  • Then, Unreal Engine will start exporting the project.

  • This can take some time depending on your computer.


  • When the packaging process is done, you can check for errors in the "Output Log".

  • If there's any you can check the internet for solutions but if there's no errors the Congratulations you have successfully exported your first Unreal Engine project!

  • Launch the exe file to see if it works properly and then you're done.

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