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How To Make Money With Unreal Engine ( 4 Proven Ways )

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Learn from an experienced Unreal Engine Developer some of the many proven ways that you can use to make some money with Unreal Engine.


how to make money with unreal engine

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Can I Make Money With Unreal Engine ?

can I make money with unreal engine

Yes, you can make money using Unreal Engine.

There are several ways to do this, such as selling games or other products that you create with Unreal Engine, offering your Unreal Engine development skills as a freelance service, or licensing your Unreal Engine-powered creations to others. Some game developers even make money by creating and selling assets, such as 3D models or entire game levels, on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Below I explain in more detail the 4 different ways you can use to make money with Unreal Engine.

Develop and Sell Your Own Video Games

video games

Unreal Engine’s main power lies in its ability to develop games by providing a wide variety of tools and technologies to make development easier. Aspiring creators can easily harness these tools and technologies to transform their concepts into fully functional games.

After that they can generate income through the sale of their games on digital stores such as Steam or the Epic Games Store. Additionally, Unreal Engine's potential for wealth creation extends beyond this method only.

You can also license your game technology/mechanics and offer it to other developers that could lead to collaborative projects. Furthermore, as you build a portfolio of successful releases, you are paving the way for sustainable financial growth in an ever-evolving industry.

That’s why Unreal Engine provides a great opportunity for game developers to make money by using different ways to earn. It's a place where creativity and money-making can go together, making it a smart choice for entrepreneurial game developers.

Key notes:

To ensure the success of your game and making a desirable product you should take the following few steps:

  • Conceptualization: First step is to start with a clear game concept which includes all the gameplay mechanics, story, characters and the environment. It’s important to understand your target audience and market state as well before initializing the development of the game.

  • Create a Prototype: Next, you want to begin development of a prototype to test your ideas. The prototype must be functional using all the necessary core mechanics of the game. You must iterate and refine your game mechanics as needed after the prototype is functional.

  • Build Your Team: To speed up the development process, consider collaborating with artists, programmers, and sound designers to bring your vision to life. This will ensure the quality of the product at the end.

  • Optimize and Polish: An optimized product will attract more customers so make your game as polished as possible. This step carries immense importance as its pivotal for the success of the game.

  • Publish and Market: Once your game is completed and ready to release, you can release it on platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, or mobile app stores for distribution. Make sure to also invest in marketing to reach a wider audience.

Go Freelance

freelance unreal engine

Freelancing with Unreal Engine is one of the best skills which offers a multitude of advantages. You'll the freedom to set your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world.

The diversity of projects, from game development to quality assurance, keeps the work exciting, while the opportunity to continuously enhance your skills ensures long-term growth. Freelancing fosters independence, allowing you to shape your career path and build a strong portfolio that attracts clients and collaborators.

Ultimately, freelancing with Unreal Engine combines professional fulfillment, financial rewards, and the freedom to design your ideal work-life balance.

Key notes:

You should consider these steps to ease the process of freelance work and increase the chances of success:

  • Build Your Portfolio: The first step when starting out for freelancing work is to create a captivating portfolio that showcases your Unreal Engine skills and projects. This will make you stand out to developers seeking newcomers for a specific field of work. It will also help cement your reputation as an intermediate to experienced freelancer for the type of skills you are showcasing. Use the help of LinkedIn as well as Github for this purpose.

  • Join Freelance Platforms: To get started with freelance work you must first sign up on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. All of these websites use different models of freelance to provide services to people. So, choose it on the basis of your preference and link all your portfolios with the account you created.

  • Find Projects: After you’re done setting the freelance account, the next step is to browse for job listings and submit proposals for projects that align with your expertise. Most freelance websites allow the freelancer to reach out to clients but Fiverr has a different approach to this where the client reaches out to the freelancer for work purposes. If you find yourself on a freelance platform that facilitates direct communication with clients, it's advisable to leverage this feature to its full extent.

  • Networking and Communication: Another step to success in freelance work is to build meaningful relationships with clients and fellow freelancers to expand your opportunities. Maintaining clear communication with clients and delivering high-quality work on time will in turn attract more clients. This will end up providing more freelance work and success. So, a network of clients who trust you to deliver good quality will surely drive more clients to your way without the need for you to reach out to them.

Create and Sell Digital Assets

Unreal Engine can be utilized to create and sell digital assets as well by designing high-quality 3D models, textures, materials, animations, and more, which can then be integrated into the Unreal Engine Marketplace or other digital asset marketplaces.

These assets can easily be made for a wide range of applications such as game development, architectural visualization or virtual reality experiences. By designing and optimizing these assets, creators can simply monetize their work by offering them for sale to other Unreal Engine developers seeking to enhance their projects.

Effective marketing, clear documentation, and ongoing support further enhance the value proposition of these digital assets, providing a sustainable income stream for creators in the Unreal Engine ecosystem.

Key notes:

By following these steps, you could reach a wider community and end up in a more favorable position:

  • Choose Your Medium: When starting out in the niche of designing and selling assets the first step is basically selecting the type of content that best suits your strengths and abilities. You can select anything between designing animations or high poly/low poly assets as well as textures to market and monetize from.

  • Quality Content: After you decide and start off in the type of content you want to make it’s imperative that you deliver high-quality and refined content that adds value for the customer. This adds reputation and people will prefer your content over others if they see more value and quality.

  • Market Your Content: To secure a stable income, you could also promote your content on platforms like YouTube, Udemy or Medium etc. This will attract an even bigger following and while also monetizing from the promotional platforms as well.

  • Monetization: Unreal Engine follows a royalty-based model so earning a percentage of sales for your assets will be your prime source of income. However, there are a variety of 3-d models/assets websites that also provide the same services. Explore these websites as well to maximize your source of income from selling digital 3-d assets.

Create Content

Content creation

One of the biggest strengths of Unreal Engine is that it provides a flexible platform for content creation across various domains. You can easily use Unreal Engine to provide informative and cohesive knowledge about a multitude of fields such as video games, architectural visualization, film production, and virtual reality.

Through its simple visual scripting system (Blueprints) and robust development tools, creators can conveniently bring their imaginative concepts to life, crafting 3D environments, characters, interactive elements, and intricate narratives. After that, content creators can utilize Unreal Engine's accessibility and versatility to make training tutorials, guidelines and courses and monetize it by presenting it on different platforms such as YouTube.

This is easily one of the most effective ways of utilizing Unreal Engine as it serves as a long-term investment while also helping thousands of people find their way around Unreal Engine.

Key notes:

Consider following these steps to reach more people with your content and monetize it while simultaneously helping others learn:

  • Choose Your Platform: First step to embarking on the road to content creation is selecting the platform of your preference. Whether it be YouTube, Udemy or Your own blog content can easily be promoted towards the target audience and monetized. Given the extensive capabilities of Unreal Engine, there is a growing demand for well-informed content pertaining to Unreal Engine.

  • Make Quality Content: Creating quality content in Unreal Engine involves a series of essential steps to ensure a successful outcome. Firstly, you have to be well-informed with the tools and technologies Unreal Engine offers. Secondly, develop storyboards, and optimizing assets is a must to guarantee smooth performance. Throughout the creation process, frequent testing and refinements should be undertaken to fine-tune your content. Staying informed about the latest Unreal Engine updates and industry trends is equally important to remain competitive and harness the engine's full potential. But, also continuously enhancing your skills is pivotal in consistently delivering high-quality content that resonates with audiences.

  • Build an Audience: Unreal Engine is beginning to build a large following most due to the fact that its revolutionizing the industry right now. This can be used to one’s advantage by using social media platforms and gaming forums to create a buzz around your content. Share visually captivating teasers, gameplay footage, and engaging stories about the development process of game mechanics or animation process. This will captivate your audience and you can in turn engage with them by responding to comments and questions, and build a community around your content. Additionally, utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make your content more discoverable online. Lastly, consider running targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or social media to reach a broader audience. Consistency and creativity in your promotional efforts are key to ensuring your Unreal Engine content gets the attention it deserves as well as build the audience that follows your content.


Overall, there are many ways to make money with the Unreal Engine, and the best option for you will depend on your skills, interests, and goals. Some developers may focus on creating their own games or applications, while others may prefer to offer consulting or training services to help others learn how to use the software. No matter which approach you choose, the Unreal Engine provides a powerful platform for creating a wide range of applications and generating income from your work.

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