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How To Permanently Change The Pivot Point Of Your Mesh (Unreal Engine Tutorial)

Updated: Feb 6

In this tutorial, we'll delve into the process of permanently changing the pivot point of your mesh in Unreal Engine using four steps.


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How To change The Pivot Point Of A Mesh In Unreal Engine?


How To change The Pivot Point Of A Mesh In Unreal Engine?

  1. Begin by accessing Modeling Mode (SHIFT+5) or you can select it on the top left corner on your viewport and navigate to the Pivot option located within the XForm section.

  2. With this option selected, you can now manipulate the pivot point using the Gizmo tool within the Viewport.

  3. Alternatively, you can opt to utilize the options available in the modeling panel situated on the left side of the interface. Here, you'll find a range of predefined positions to choose from, including the object’s center, bottom, top, left, right, back, or front.

  4. Once you've positioned the pivot point to your satisfaction, simply confirm your changes by clicking the blue accept button.

Changing Pivot Point Unreal Engine


In conclusion, mastering pivot point adjustments within Unreal Engine significantly enhances your workflow. By eliminating the need to alter pivot points in external applications, you can streamline your process and work more efficiently directly within Unreal.

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